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General Discussion / happy new galactic year
« on: December 18, 2012, 09:13:30 PM »
three days one hour until the great alinement. the new galactic year is about to began.  just like the calender new years calibration, I'm looking forwards to the galactic new year, It will not come again for another 25,000 years. Don't think I'll see the next one.

Prediction Corner / nosty you up for another prediction
« on: February 19, 2010, 05:17:22 PM »
The year is almost up, and i think maybe somebody did check in to see and took the warning to heart. Now here is what i see, it has changed somewhat. the Ar. connection was close in geographic location but not the right group. They have moved and went underground. Look to the north. Strate north.  Man i wish spell check would work for me.  Now that i have made those hint to be seen bye the people who need to look see and if they think about it it should help. I also know that unlike in Nostradamus time  I will never know in real time if they were looking or not.  The next prediction having nothing to do with Obama like the first part. This is more globule. Their will be a major earth quake in the mid states this year. Felt as far east as new york. 

Offtopic / i was thinking
« on: January 17, 2009, 08:55:45 PM »
a new old thought.
since black matter is debated as to being real, and not really understood. Why not look in the most unlikely place.
since space is now know not as a void but as something unknown, why not look a little closer?
we can see adams, we can see neutrons, but we can't see what holds them together, this i purpose is the same as black matter just in a smaller package. understand the one and find the other. I'm no big brain in some lab, can't spell 1/2 the words they use. Just thinking in print.
This would be explanation  for why magnetic fields staying where they are and how Mc2 works within the law.
maybe some of you vary vary smart young people could tell me if my thinking is a good idea or i'm just nuts.
remember when replying i'm not a person who understands big long words or out some brainy book. Tell me in a way that i understand. i also understand that 2+2=4 and A+B=C.
I'll put my idea in words that i understand maybe you can corect my math here.
(A is push such as a shuttle going into space +B is the drag on the shuttle in motion with = C witch is orbit.)= another A
A orbiting shuttle +B drag of orbit on shuttle = C resistance
A earth pulling on shuttle + space pulling on shuttle = C resistance
A shuttle going into space and + B making orbit not flying forever in a line = resistance
now for the rule a object in motion stays in motion until there is resistance
the action here is anybody thats in space the equal and apposite reaction black matter.
just as birds can fly in air planets suns and other bodies can fly in space.
and as birds can fly only in the air that can hold them the same is with bodies in space.

General Discussion / A little help
« on: October 28, 2008, 09:15:29 AM »
need a little help plz.
witch Qute is the one about the seven sons? i know its here but still have not found it.
then again i'm 1/2 blind, and it take a long time to read or type.
For those who are keeping track attempt one on Oboma happened yesterday. the next one will happen nov. 2ct.

OK i'm no seer nor a reader of cards tea or anything like that. That being said Here Goes.
I was wacthing the debate the other day and over Obama's face i kept seeing The V.P. in his place.
I do not thing Obama will live passed a year. I also saw Obama fighting with a (foot here my spelling is going to be horrid.)  air-ib not iQrack but the one that doe'nt see isreal as a country. This man Is not the real power but his seven sons. they stand on Obama and call for the USA to remove all saport to isreal.
my other thing i've seen is the hit for space in the year 2027 you notice i do not say the end of the world.
all tho its a big hot like in Russia its not the end of the world.
now that i have posted what i saw i feel better and we'll see if i'm really picking something up or just a bit crazy.
thank you for letting me post.

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