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General Discussion / The end of the World
« on: August 29, 2014, 01:09:52 PM »
...and what you need to know.

Jesus Christ and the 2nd (1st) coming:
Jesus was born just after December 21, 2012.  People believe the world would end and it did technically.  Well at least the calendar ended.   Just as BC became AD, we now have a new calendar.  The calendar won't be renumbered for a dozen more years.  However, Jesus is currently just a child.  He cannot come to his own power until he is 13 years old, and thus a "man".   

Mabus is an anagram of Bush, who killed Sadam, Sadam backwards in a mirror mab and the last half of Bush ush.  The beginning of the beginning.  It is also an angram of Obama who killed Osama.  Middle part ma ba s (because that is the middle of the beginning)  Why?  Because in the end times,  God commands us to make up our mind about who is "real evil".  Everyone must make a choice and that choice is how God determines who's soul is clean.  Is it the Islamic Muslim fundamentalists?, or as in the 3rd representation of the anagram (because that is the end of the beginning), the United States (US) it May be US or it May be us.  Both the Christian Bible says man must take a side and make up their mind and so does the Koran.

WWIII started on 9/11.  It will be apparent to all that this is the case once Obama comes "out of power", which could be due to end of office or any other reason.  WWIII will involve the unification of Iran/Iraq and Syria.  It could be IS or it could be Iran taking over IS.  Either way, this eventual power will invade Turkey and go into Europe through Turkey.  Nuclear weapons will be exchanged.  Chemical weapons and biological weapons will also be used.  Many people will die and loose their heads one way or another.  Rome will be invaded and the Vatican will be sacked and burned to the ground.  The current pope is the last pope.   The US will fight against the enemy and nearly loose.  Russia who is neutral during the conflict will join on the US side at the end and change the tide to a US victory.

This war will come to an end by the end of year 2026.   The world will not be destroyed.  Christ or Mohammed will come to save the day (depending on your choice).  A one world government will be enacted and world peace will reign afterwards.

General Discussion / Nostradamus predicts Hurricane Sandy !
« on: October 30, 2012, 06:09:56 PM »
Century 10, Quatrain 49, Nostradamus clearly predicts the superstorm Hurricane Sandy.  This is my interpretation of the Quatrain, translated and then interpreted from the translation.

Jardin du Monde aupres De cite neufue
Dans Le Chemin des Montagnes cavees
Sera saisi & plogne dans la cuve,
Beuvant par force eaux soulphre envenimiees

Garden City Of the World, Near the New City
(In New Jersey, near New York)
In the way of the man-made mountains
(In the streets of the sky scrapers)
Shall be seized on and plunged into a ferment
(New Jersey shall be in curfew and plunged into foaming water)
Being forced to drink sulfurous waters
(New Jersey will be forced to drink contaminated water)

Do not drink the WATER in New Jersey or New York, especially Hoboken, Newark, Atlantic City and New York !

General Discussion / WWIII: My predictions from reading Nostradamus
« on: September 27, 2012, 09:11:50 PM »
MABUS is NOT one person.  It is 4 or two pairs two and a choice of either/or.  You can't read Nostradamus in a have to read it within the context of the end days of revelation of the New Testament, and of the Torah, and of the Koran.

MAbUS is an anagram for Sudam (which is mabus backwards) AND BUSH, the back end of the anagram, as well as OSAMA AND OBAMA which is MA-BUS where MA is the back end of both and it is either B or/U S.  It is ALL FOUR.  So ALL of you are RIGHT.  According to reveleation, the world will be divided into the believers and the non-believers and everyone will have to make a "choice".  The choice will not be obvious to the non-believers but it will be obvious to the believers.  This "hidden" element of our times is also why Nostradamus also hides who the real "bad" guy is.  Was it Sudam or was it Bush?   Was it Osama or what is it Obama?  Nostradamus doesn't tell us....and neither does GOD.  He tells us we have to make a choice.  Nostradamus is telling us the SAME thing.

You guys are expecting ONE guy.  Also MABUS is NOT the 3rd anti-christ.  The revelation of the 3rd AntiChrist is actually the key to picking the either/or side as shown in revelation and as demonstrated by Nostradamus.  The final antichrist has already come and gone and it was Mohammad.  During the end times, people will display the mark of the beast.  The fact is Mohammad already is the most popular name or surname in all of the world.   Over 50% of the population already take the mark within their name. The final war will be against Islamic Fundamentalism and thus Mohammadian Fundamentalism and thus against 666 which is the Gemetria equivalent of Mohammad.  Not everone will agree with this war or agree which side is right.

We are now living in the end times.  2012 marks the end of the A.D. calendar.  Jesus is now born again already on earth.  Obama will likely win reelection.  Iran will obtain a nuclear weapon.  WWIII will reign supreme between 2013 and 2026.  Iran will invade or occupy Syria after the civil war and eventually take over Iraq and Turkey.  The muslim caliphate will be created.  The rest of the Middle East will fall quickly in a matter of days or months much as the unification of Natzi German occurred with the fall of the surrounding Germanic countries during WWII.  Atomic weapons will be detonated, one near the black sea.  Iran will invade Europe.  Iran will invade and destroy the Vatican.  The current pope is the last pope.

We can expect genocide of Jews and Christians.  We can expect a great deal of death and possibly even a nuclear winter.  If we have a nuclear winter, then we will have a world wide food shortage as the sun will be masked. We will see lots of nuclear/radiactive death and cancer death.  The allies will be comprised of the US and the usual suspects.  The axis will be comprised of the Middle East and the far East.  Russia will be neutral in the beginning of this conflict.  Ultimately the US and its allies will nearly loose.  Only when Russia joins the US and the rest of the allies, do we triumph.

General Discussion / The antichrist is:
« on: May 15, 2011, 02:28:49 PM »
The antichrist is Mohammed.
He was the first anti-christ.
He has come and gone.

He was a "false prophet".  Its any easy mathmatical manipulation using Gemetria to discover that the name Mohammed is the mathmatical equivalent of 666.  Currently, nearly 1/2 of the population is Muslim and nearly all men born Muslim take on the name Mohammed.  So a huge number of people already bear the mark of the beast 666 via their name. 

Read the bible and Nostradamus together...they both work together....and they both in tandem.

This is why the 3rd antichrist is NEVER named by Nostradamus.  Mabus is an anagram of Osama, Saddam and is NOT the 3rd, or rather the 4th anti-christ because technically we are at #4, NOT #3.  However Osama Bin Laden, the arab spring, Muslim extremists are all significant towards the end-times.  The end times is NOT the end of the world though.

General Discussion / MABUS 3 people: Have come and gone.
« on: May 13, 2011, 11:57:15 AM »
Century 2, Quatrain 62
Mabus will soon die, then will come,
A horrible undoing of people and animals,
At once one will see vengeance,
One hundred powers, thirst, famine, when the comet will pass.

Mabus is an anagram for "THREE" people NOT ONE person.  Nostradamus is playing tricks with us.  MAbUS in a mirror spells Sudam, as in Suddam Hussein.  Its backwards, because the US went after the WRONG person, they got it BACKWARDS.  They should have gone after OSAMA.  The person that got OSAMA was OBAMA, the difference is you take the B out of OBAMA and add it to OSAMA you get MABUS.  B is to Obama as A is to Al Qaeda and U is to US as O is to Oil.

The commet Nostradamus is talking about is in reference to the Astroid YU55 that will narrowly miss Earth ( later on this year November 8, 2011.  This will be the first astroid throughly discovered as a trajectory target on us including video taping it the ENTIRE time.   This astroid will come closer than the moon (.85), believe it or not, and it is a CITY-Killer... If it hit New York, it would wipe it completely off the face of the earth.

He's basically warning us that Al Qaeda and the Middle Eastern/Muslim religion will seek major "vengence" and a major retribution for the death of OBL on ONE (person or country...who knows...I don't).  Calmity will rule either during this time period or as a result of this retribution.

Trust me...I predicted 9/11 to a major degree and discussed it with my roommate in 1980...he called me the night of 9/11...he's still alive today.

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