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Quatrains / Notre Dame Fire
« on: April 24, 2019, 08:16:02 PM »
Century 2-51

The blood of the just shall be dry in London
Burnt by the fire of three times twenty and six
The Ancient DAME shall fall from her high place
Of the same sect many shall be killed

Here is a two-fer that only now can be explained
he dated both London 1666 and The Notre Dame fire in the same quatrain!
London is dated in second line 66,and the index date is in fact Notre Dame(I know how he dated the Quatrains)

Here's why...

Is the last line something that hasn't happened yet?   "Of the same sect many shall be killed" which would be some kinda culling of Catholics???

Prediction Corner / Elizabeth Warren will be the next elected President!
« on: January 23, 2019, 10:39:26 AM »
Elizabeth Warren or Kamala Harris will win the 2020 election,I still think Warren has the edge(guessing) but now that both are running? Harris may have the edge because her QUATRAIN deals with the election..
One other problem is if they both run? they both wont be president at some point,there does seem to be a pattern for Presidents..One of these two women would need to drop out/get knocked out before the primary's.
One other thing to consider is Kennedy & LBJ,Because LBJ came back and won? i figured that's why he was put in the way he was...Could be I'm looking a the DEM Ticket 2020 Warren/Harris where as Harris becomes President
after Warren does not complete her term(It's what Warren's Quatrain says)...Then Harris wins in 2024,and she wont complete that term...

Because ALL THE QUATRAINS ARE DATED?..I can give you a possible future for Presidents for near future..

Something really bad happens and Nancy Pelosi becomes President...This one I'm 50/50 on.
Trump will leave office(not by impeachment) before his term is up...This one I'm 100% on.
Elizabeth Warren or Kamala Harris will win Presidency in 2020...This one i'm 100% on.

I want to warn everybody if it's possible to change the future..The only good thing is TRUMP gets on the helicopter and leaves Washington after his term is up,or he loses re-election
anything less than that sets off a tidal wave of really bad MOJO that affects the elected President in 2020 and 2024...

I'm not coming from a political wishful thinking point of view,this is simply what i'm reading in the Quatrains.
Because he added US presidents and French Kings to the Quatrains?..YOU CAN SEE THEM BEFORE THEY HAPPEN!..
Everything else is in flux until it happens,only then will you see he wrote about it(if he did)..It is possible to stumble onto future dated events as with Macron(Olympics 2024 bad Mojo),but it's rare as far as i can see.

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