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Prediction Corner / Toss Up !!
« on: October 22, 2008, 12:11:55 PM »
As the country gets closer to election of a new President -- It seems to me that this will end in a BIG MESS.  Upto and including -- an Electoral College Tie,  many lawsuits, and tons of civil unrest.

Just about anyone on either ticket can or may become President in the next year -- Much upheaval seems to be in store for 2009 ....  Including European countries moving the majority of currency to the Euro and weakening the dollar so much that the US will face a total collapse Socially, of Government and Economics.

I sure Hope I am wrong -- but I can't shake this feeling.

I am looking for an easy to read book to elaborate on the current world events as they relate to the Nostradamus quatrains.  

There are some newer books -- 2006-2008 published -- but what is good and insightful vs just a plain "one mans opinion".  I am looking for something that will be thought provoking and tie in todays events.  I do not want something published a while ago that guessed and was way off base with their interpretation of Nostradamus.  I am NOT looking for a biography of the man.

Anyone have any recommendations?  -- What have you read that is excellent on this topic?

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