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Quatrains / Century 4, Quatrain 67
« on: November 23, 2008, 11:52:15 AM »
Century 4, Quatrain 67

In the year that Saturn and Mars shal be fiery,
The air shall be very dry in many countries,
By secret fires, many places shall be burnt with heat,
There shall be scarcity of rain, hot winds, wars, wounds.

This alignment happens only one time since M.N.'s time: 2003.

The news reports stated mars had reached it's closest point
in over 60,000 years, and later that year Saturn had reached
it's closest point to the Earth in over 10,000 years. 2003
also marked the start of the Iraq war with many
special ops missions.

Quatrains / Barack Hussein Obama II
« on: October 25, 2008, 12:06:46 AM »
For those who say the prophecies are obscure until the event has passed,
Here is history happening, An American Socialist Revolution,
With a man who has an obscure past.

Century V, Quatrain 29

Liberty will not be recovered,
A proud, villainous, wicked black one will occupy it,
When the matter of the bridge will be opened,
The republic of Venice vexed by the Danube.

" the same state as the seventh rock."

Additionally, this quatrain is numbered as a segway
for an event on 5-2-9 (May 2, 2009)

- Daedalus Maelstrom

Quatrains / Century X, Quatrain 89
« on: August 16, 2008, 10:02:03 PM »

Century X, Quatrain 89

The walls will be converted from brick to marble,
Seven and fifty pacific years: Joy to mortals,
the aquaduct renewed, Health, abundance of fruits,
joy and mellifluous times.

From the end of W.W. II in 1945 the United States
had flourished in industry, technology, agriculture,
and many other aspects of living so well that the
poor of it's society had more than past Kings and
Queens of just one century before with hot and
cold clean water, hot and cold air, prepackaged
foods, television and radio, and automobiles.

In February 2002 an ice sheet 57 square miles
across in Antarctica broke off. Global
warming was blamed.

A synchronicity of this prophecy.
Also noted in Henry C. Roberts book.

Quatrains / Specific Quatrain to 9-11
« on: August 10, 2008, 09:53:05 PM »

Here is the specific quatrain to 9-11-2001 the WTC attack.

Century V, Quatrain 32

Where all is good, the Sun all beneficial and the Moon Is abundant,
It's ruin approaches: From the sky it advances to change your fortune.
In the same state as the seventh rock.

The first line sets the time at either the spring or fall equinox.
The second line is very apparent hindsight in the aftermath of disaster.
The third line is making reference to the seventh tower which fell
at the end of the day. The seventh tower represents seven years of
economic instability as the First Horseman of the apocalypse runs
his course whereby the bow represents not military strength but
rather military accuracy and the crown is denoting a son of Abraham,
Lastly the White Horse he rides on a platform of Christianity.

Let this be added for those who may hear more:
From the first George W to the last is said to be but 43,
2 impeached and eight more slain completed only 33,
This experiment in Government the peoples liberty our Lady.
A revolution complete.

The end of the day is near and the collapse of the seventh tower
is inevitable as congress visits the 2008 Olympics while leaving
an active War and a weakened U.S. economy.

7 years reign for each Horseman 1 through 3 but the 4th his time
is shortened.

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