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Quatrains / Those of the Arctic Pole
« on: August 15, 2011, 03:41:14 PM »
Century VI, quatrain 21 says "When those of the Arctic pole are united together..." finishing with "Rhodes, Byzantium stained with barbarian blood." There are 6 nations within the arctic circle. They are: Russia, Canada, United States (Alaska), Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, and Denmark (Greenland--- I didn't know it was part of Denmark until I looked this up.)
Based on history and likely socio-political alliances, I would say the most likely contenders are Russia, the US, and Canada. Canada and the US have a very long tradition of alliance and mutual support in wartime. Americans crossed the border to join the Canadian army in 1939-40, since we weren't entering WWII yet. The First Special Service Force, known as the Devil's Brigade, was a joint US-Canadian special forces unit during WWII. The longest sniper shot ever made was a Canadian soldier in Afghanistan, using US-issue ammunition that he got from some Americans. (It was about 1 1/2 mile shot, in the mountains, using a .50 calibre rifle.)
The alliance with Russia would be a little trickier... it would require some serious reasons for involvement for Russia, like, say, SELF-PRESERVATION. Something would have to become a real threat to them before they would commit to an active military confrontation alongside the US. The Russians traditionally only go to war to expand their own power and influence, or to defend their borders. They don't have a history of sending troops to defend UN aide workers, or deliver food to Haitian refugees, for example.

The last line of Rhodes, Byzantium would be Greece and the Middle East (the old Byzantine empire, including modern Israel.) Muslim immigration into Europe over the past few years has been a source of problems in some nations in Europe. There was a mass killing over this issue a few weeks ago, remember? Nostradamus was most likely referring to non-Christian, non-European peoples as "barbarians". (Even he can suffer a case of old-fashioned racism. In this case he's most likely considering anyone who attacks Europe a "barbarian.")
Oh, and another quatrain talks about "The king of the Mongols"... the old Mongol empire wasn't just located in that little patch of land that is modern Mongolia. It stretched from the Pacific ocean all the way to Iran and the edge of eastern Europe... taken in this context, the leader of one side of a massive conflict could be from any one of several different nations, including China and the Koreas. The Bible says there would be an army of 200 million, and many people point straight to China. Guess they are forgetting about multinational forces, allied together into one massive army. If every Muslim-dominant nation in the world allied together and put every male ages 16 to 45 in uniform, how big an army might we see?

Quatrains / Ideas for reading the Quatrains
« on: March 18, 2011, 06:17:59 AM »
I've noticed over the years that many people read the quatrains and try to put formulas to decipher what they read, or seem to miss words like "near". The problem I see with this is very simple... when he writes "New City", Nostradamus might very well mean a new city, such as one of the dozens of cities built by Stalin in the old Soviet Union. Chernobyl was a NEW city, much of it was never even occupied when the disaster stuck. When he writes "near" he might well mean 'give or take a month or two' or 'within a degree or 2, not exactly 45 degrees.' The north island of Japan (Hokkaido) sits on 45 degrees, although I don't know if any of the cities on the island are 'new' and the earthquake and tsunami definately aren't 'fire from the sky'.

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