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General Discussion / Re: Poll: Who is Mabus?
« on: March 13, 2018, 03:07:35 PM »
I had a really strange dream which brought me to this forum because it led me to research on the internet. It started with the election of Trump. I felt disturbed that so many of my friends were talking about how Trump was the Savior. I had also seen a blog where someone was writing about how Trump was "Mabus". I wasn't sure he was either but I guess I had a dream about it all one night.

In the dream I was standing in front of a man on a throne who was there to answer my questions. I asked him if Trump was a savior. He answered that Trump was "Married to Hilary" and that neither was a savior and that the evidence of this was that their "marriage" had produced no offspring. I assume upon waking this was about the political system and how both parties are married into the same system. As for the offspring, in dreams, children symbolize something new being born into creation.

Next, I asked the man on the throne if Trump was Mabus. He answered no, explaining that Mabus was not a person. I asked if Mabus was place, such as Boston Massachusetts, USA (had never even made that connection in waking life, MA, B, US). And he again said no and then started talking in an Scottish dialect and stated it represented an idea. I can't remember word for word what he said. He mentioned something about the statue of liberty and I woke up.

I, then, google "Scottish" with "Mabus", because I thought the fact that his dialect changing had significance. A few people had connected Mabus with Queen Mab mentioned by Shakesphere and descended from Scottish folklore about Queen of the fairies. Googling on this, I found a link on a book titled "The Complete Prophecies of Nostradamus" by Mario Reading where it is quoted, "There may be a connection, too, with the legend of Queen Mab, the fairies midwife of dreams, the title of the queen referring, not to a regal background, but to the simple fact she was a woman (equating with the still current Scots word queynie, and the no longer current saxon word quen). So could Mabus simply mean the 'time of dreams'? If that is the case, then the quatrain takes on a haunting, doomed quality, part nightmare and part hallucination."  Then, googling Queen Mab and Statue/Goddess of Liberty (who the statue is the goddess Libertus), I found a link to the book "Philip Graham: A Subject of Queen Mab, Volume 2" By Moira which states on page 233 that Queen Mab is the Goddess of Liberty, "Phillip struggled for Liberty, mainly because Queen Mab was the Goddess of Liberty, and at her shrine he would worship and sacrifice."

I did a few years back have another dream where angels were showing me the Statue of Liberty and said it represented the Whore of Babylon (I had thought the church did). They showed it being wiped out in a deluge and replaced with Jesus who they said would "carry her torch and light the way to freedom".  According to the angels in the dream, the Statue of Liberty represented a false freedom where we were still enslaved. Something about how our rights were currently granted by men and religious leaders who were not Gods nor had any true authority over us. I'm assuming Jesus represents a savior figure (or an ideal of our saving ourselves) rather than the Christian person of Jesus. I could be wrong though.

According to the quatrain, Mabus (which could be Mab US) dies and its followed by a deluge of some sort. I've also had recurring dreams where New York is hit with a nuclear bomb, but again, who knows what is symbolic and what isn't. 

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