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General Discussion / Re: Who Is "THE BLACK ONE"????
« on: March 18, 2015, 07:11:26 PM »
Century 6, 33. Some believe this to be a referrence to General Colin Powell, during the Liberation of Kuwait (Desert Storm.) Most of the combat took place between the Tigris and Euphratis rivers.

Probably about 100 generations worth of cockroaches, before he comes back as an ordinary farmer or factory worker, then MAYBE a couple of deaths later comes back in a very high position.
A soul is only resurrected once, never to die again.
I'm referring to the Buddhist style belief of reincarnation, where a soul keeps coming back as a new person or animal, until is has reached a state of perfection and 'becomes one with Buddha.' Not my personal beliefs, was just commenting on what the other guy posted. Resurrection is not the same as reincarnation.

Quatrains / Re: King of the Mongols
« on: March 18, 2015, 08:59:37 AM »
Khan wasn't Ghengis' name, it was his title. He was the Khan, or King, of his people. Many family names come from occupations (Smith, Baker, King, Cook, etc.)

Quatrains / Re: CENTURY 1-1
« on: March 18, 2015, 07:47:45 AM »
What I've read and seen in documentaries, the secret study was basically what we now would call an attic. He had his office set up in the attic of his house, and eventually his bed was brought up there because he was too sick to keep going up and down the stairs.

A huge, gaping hole in this theory... 90% of historians do NOT think Adolf Hitler was secretly a jew. He knew a jewish girl when he was young, and was very fond of her, but she and her family rejected him. This was believed to be the catalist for his hatred of Jewish people. And since you are trying to use Buddhist material, you should know that reincarnation includes punishment for past-life actions. Everything he did, every evil vicious order he gave, would earn him a life as a cockroach. Probably about 100 generations worth of cockroaches, before he comes back as an ordinary farmer or factory worker, then MAYBE a couple of deaths later comes back in a very high position.

I've said for the past 20 years or more, that the interpretation of 'New City' as being 'New York City' is probably wrong. There are dozens of new cities throughout the old Soviet empire. The city near Chernobyl was so new, parts of it had never been occupied or used when the city was abandoned. Some of these new cities are on, or near, 45 degrees latitude North. If you allow for 2 or 3 degrees variation (between 42 and 48 degrees) the number goes up quite a bit. Some translations of the quatrains use the word 'near' 45 degrees, so I allow for the slight variation. I don't speak or read French so I couldn't read the original.

Nero really got a bad press, the Christians were only too happy to be taken by Nero's henchmen, to be used in the arena and also as street-lighting whereby they were doused in oil and set alight, he couldn't believe how dumb they were.

They weren't "happy" to be tortured and killed, nor were they "dumb". The Romans insisted everyone worship the emperor as a 'living god' as well as worshipping the roman gods. The Christians and Jews who were tortured and executed were following the first two commandments-- 'Thou shalt have no other God before me' and "thou shalt not make graven images of thy Lord God.' Literally, they died because they refused to violate the rules of their faith, they wouldn't worship whatever religion was convenient to make others happy and they damned sure weren't praying to statues of the emperor. Plus, they had such small numbers in Rome the first 150 years or so that they were a good scapegoat for anything at all. Forensic psychologists have looked thru behaviors of Nero and other Roman emperors... he didn't get "bad press", he was psychotic. He and his mother tried murdering each other a couple of times, Nero finally won.

Quatrains / Re: Century VI Quatrain 97-Shows 9/11 was inside job?
« on: March 07, 2012, 12:11:10 PM »
The invasion of Normandy, scheduled for June 5th, 1944 and delayed 1 day due to weather, wasn't only an American effort. On both sides of the fight the nations involved included the US, Great Britain, Poland, France, Canada, Germany, Belgian, Czech, Dutch, Norway, Soviet Union (Russian and Ukrainian prisoners who defected to Germany's side.) Ok, I've spent over half an hour looking for the exact reference and haven't found it yet, but I'm 90% sure Brazil also had troops at Normandy. My point is this: Normandy is part of France, so perhaps the statement 'demand proof of the Normans' means literally demanding France prove something, like radiation contamination from Chernoble? Lots of new cities were founded and built in Stalin-era Soviet Union. The city near Chernoble is close to 45 degrees and had new construction that had never been occupied.

Quatrains / Re: Century VI Quatrain 97-Shows 9/11 was inside job?
« on: March 07, 2012, 10:54:20 AM »
The Patriot Act, which I consider a stack of badly made toilet paper, was written in 1995, 6 years before 9/11. The author? Then-Senator and now Vice-President Joseph Biden. So much for "hope and change", if one of the problems was authored by the people who get elected. However, there are just too many people who were there, live and on the scene, as eye witnesses to the planes hitting buildings to say it was faked or whatever. I've known several people in the intelligence and special forces community when I was in the army, and practically all of them will say that the successes in the intelligence and special ops communities almost never make it to the news, but the big failures do. 9/11 is one of those failures. Several nations were already chasing Bin Ladin and the Al' Quaida network since 1991, they were just trying to do it covertly and without turning it into a large, open war.

Don't worry. I am the new king who will bring peace to the Earth
for a long time(Nostradamus's quatrain 24, century 6).
I will be anointed king in England when the present monarchy's
reign will end.
Which prince are you? Not that it matters, because one of the young princes commented recently that people somehow need royalty and nobles to rule them. To paraphrase an Iranian student, 'we don't have a problem with Americans, we like Americans. The problem is the politicians. Get the politicians out of the way and people will get along just fine.' Royalty and nobles are politicians, too. If you aren't a member of the British royal family (Charles, William, Harry) then seek help from a medical professional.

"the king of Babylon" Now a debatable point, but on the evidence given  Babylon = USA
Okay, this guy shows himself once again to be little more than another "I hate America"-type. Babylon was located in present-day Iraq. He's posted this sort of thing at least 4 other times that I've seen... 'everything is the fault of the Americans, blah blah.' Ecosse, if you are a citizen or legal resident of the US, I want you to think really hard about what I'm about to tell you. Men in my family have served in almost every armed conflict the US has been involved in since the American Revolution (including an uncle who was a Sergeant with the 25th infantry division in WWII, fighting against Nazi Germany) ensuring you have all those wonderful, all-important civil rights you enjoy. If you are a citizen or legal resident, one of those rights is the right to leave and go elsewhere. Please do so.

Geological satellite photoes have shown 2 ancient, dry riverbeds in the region near the Tigress and Euphrates rivers, that would have emptied into the Gulf near the 2 existing rivers. That's the 2 missing rivers from the Book of Genesis describing the location of the Garden of Eden (maybe). Ocean levels have risen over the past 10,000 years, changing the geography. There's always the possibility of a 5th riverbed in the area... but I like the information someone else posted about Sheffield England. Of course, as he/she stated, we won't now how accurate it is concerning the quatrains until events are happening.

General Discussion / Re: The Third Anti-christ
« on: March 07, 2012, 08:11:30 AM »
No he isn't. Achmadinajad (yeah I know and don't care that I mispelled his name) is too stupid and unbelievable to be an antichrist figure. Come on, this is a guy who says Iran doesn't have a problem with homosexuals because 'Iran has no homosexuals.' Statistically, 15% or so of any large group is gay. He says the Holocaust never happened, in spite of the fact that Iranian filmakers have made documentary movies about Iran smuggling Jews out of Europe into Palestine. Plus, he's just the political mouthpiece for the Ayatollah and his council. Now, maybe an Ayatollah could be an antichrist figure, if he's popular and charismatic.

I haven't been on this sight for a while, so I just found you're post. Several religions state that the world will be united under a single leader for a time, but he/she/they will be deceptful and basically evil, and will ultimately start the greatest, most brutal war the world has ever seen. The book of Revelations says 25% of the world's population will die horribly in this war. Thats why most evangelical Christians, and many Muslims, are Nationalists and oppose international-type government. When some atheist comes along and tells you some garbage that this is superstition and to just go along to get along... grab a 2x4 and whack him in the throat. Repeat as necessary.

Ummmm ok, first I think New Jersey is called the Garden State and is next to "the New City" of New York, and has its own "New City" Newark. Being forced to drink water laced with sulphur sounds like contaminated water, not anything to do with 9/11. Maybe a chemical spill in or near a water source. Oh, and I've said this here before and still believe it, New City might really mean a city that is new, like the city near Chernobyl, some of which was so new it was never lived in.
And to all the people still chasing conspiracies... High School metal shop, freshman year with Mr Foster (I'm paraphrasing, not quoting)... making steel soft enough to bend does NOT require it to be melted, you just have to get it hot enough to ruin the tempering (structural integrity at the molecular level.) And I've seen the MORONS CLAIMING TO BE EXPERTS in interviews saying garbage like 'steel can't be melted with hydrocarbon-type fuels'... tell that to the ancient Greeks who used wood and charcoal to make iron spearheads and swords (not the best quality of metal, but early iron age.) The same type of experts who spent a couple thousand years running around saying things like 'superstitious, uneducated peasants, rocks don't fall from the sky.'
The explosions many say they heard... I used to do janitorial work in office buildings, there's A LOT of compressed air cans in an office. Electronic duster, furniture polish, some brands of glass cleaner. READ THOSE CANS. They all say something like "Danger don't throw this in a fire or it will explode like a bomb" and they also usually say "Danger don't puncture or it will explode like a bomb." Two Giant, burning office buildings with falling stone and/or steel objects to puncture thousands of cans of compressed air, anyone?

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