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Title: Double Dated Quatrains
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Century 8-69    Oct 02, 1869 - Jan 30, 1948

Near the young one the old angel shall bow
And shall at last overcome him
Ten years equal,to make the old one stoop
Of Three,two,one,the eighth a Seraphin  (Seraphim are Angels)

This is a very famous person I stumbled on a few years back...I'm not gonna tell you who it is right now,but I will give you clues..The first clue is the 69,and believe it or not? in a bunch of the quatrains he will flat out give you an open date right in the front...that might help you guess a few,but there's a way to know for sure...What i love about this quatrain? is he throws another date at the bottom,which you can only figure out if you know who the person is....The first two lines tell of this persons murder,and the bottom line says's a simple puzzle.  Here's the clues...

This person was born in 69 and this person died in  3x2x1x8=48

Don't be shocked when you figure it out..I can show you 30-40 more just as fantastic as this one,and even though this one is not a President? most of the people I find are US Presidents!

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OK? How many of you figured it out?

Mahatma Gandhi

You have to understand..I knew it was Gandhi before i figured out the last line..

Nostradamus is real,and he has a lot more to say!
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Century 2-13  Apr 13, 1743

The body without soul shall be no more admitted in sacrifice:
The day of death placed on the birthday:
The divine spirit shall make the soul happy,
By seeing the word in its eternity

Here's the best Quatrain in the entire book,another double dated quatrain,the date he gives in line 2 is a have to know who the person is before you can solve it.

This also has an open date at the top,and this one I'm gonna make real easy for you,this was a President born on the 13th of the month..What day did he die on?
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Here is one of the special quatrains of a person..This is a double quatrain!

Century 9-85  Nov 11, 1885
They shall pass over Gascony,Languedoc,and the Rhone
From Agen keeping Marmande,and the Reale,
To open the wall by faith Phocan shall keep the throne
A Battle shall be by St. Paul of Manseole

Century 9-86
From Bourge,La Reyne they shall come straight to Chartres
And shall make a stand near Anthony's Bridge (I'm gonna say bridge is not the proper translation here) NUT'S!
Seven for peace as crafty as Martres
They shall enter Paris besieged with an army

These are open dated Quatrains..First the year is "85" right on top,but if you add just the last number from 85/86? you get "11"..This person was Born on the 11th of the month in the year 85(other double quatrains are done the same way..this is confirmed) but even better?..He puts a name in the quatrain! But it's not the name of the person who the quatrain is about..ANTHONY is a very important character in this persons  timeline.....When you figure out who this person is,and then search his name with Anthony? all shall be revealed!

Clues...This is world war II France,this person did support the liberation of fact? he passed through every place listed in the second quatrain..There are some translation issues that I have not fixed,but there's no doubt who it is....It's also a pretty good movie from my lifetime,and that part with Anthony was the best part!...Have fun with this one!

There is a living double quatrain in flux right now,and that's Macron,but Nostradamus used the hidden dating method for him...why some are open or hidden is either random,or on purpose,but if you know how to find them like me?..It's pretty simple!

These quatrains only make sense when you know what they are about...all the quatrains are dated,some better than others...If you think this is fantastic? wait till you see the others i found!!

I haven't been honest..There is another date involved,and it's the anchor to all the Quatrains..

He commanded 7th army in Africa,but he commanded 3rd army in France...It's strange Nostradamus list 7th army,but i still think that's pretty good!

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I'm posting these,but Nostradamus says when people will finally get his message,and that is 16-29 years from now,so I wonder who's reading my post? maybe nobody!

Century 2-18     Apr 18,1942

A new rain,sudden, impetuous
Shall suddenly hinder two armies
Stone,heaven fire,shall make the sea strong
The death of SEVEN shall be sudden upon land and sea

For those of you stuck on SPACE SHUTTLE CHALLENGER?....NO!  Here's some hints,line 2...TWO ARMIES...This is a US NAVY and US ARMY operation,and there was a Gale right before this operation kicked off..the seas were strong,but don't take my word for it....The first three lines were FILMED for Movietone news!...Oh yeah, the date?...The 18th was the day this took place,but if that's not good enough?..There's the last line...

3 men were executed by the Japanese,1 died of miss treatment,and 3 didn't survived the ditching of the planes ...SEVEN ON LAND AND SEA!

I'm simply trying to warn people Nostradamus is real,and there's stuff about to happen with the Presidents that's going to split this country in half by the mid 20's,because the best way to know the future is through PEOPLE not the events,I would have never know about the above event before it happened.
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Century 6-61   Aug 04, 1961

The great carpet folded shall not show,
But by HALF the greatest part of the history
The EXILES of the kingdom shall appear sharp afar off
In warlike matters everyone shall believe

How come nobody found this without using the date? I'm gonna make it easy for ya..This President was born in "61",the second line is easy when you know who it is,the third line is two people,one is in Russia,and one is in a UK jail,and the forth line sounds like this guy was making shit up when it came to military matters...I can think of two things,take yer pick!

I'm pretty sure the first line translation is wrong, the word is "tapestry" not carpet,but is he's talking about a prayer rug? wow!...I really don't know,i'm i'm just throwing that out there!

Line one solved!
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Century 10-89   Dec. 22, 1989

The Wall shall be turned from brick into marble
There shall be peace for seven and fifty years  (57 years)
Joy to mankind,the aqueduct shall be rebuilt
Health,abundance of fruits,joys and a mellifluous time

Although he uses a hidden dating method for some? There some of them like this one he want's you to see..look at the date...this is 1989,the Berlin wall.

This quatrain is about Germany,and although they have weak leaders now? Nostradamus hints of a strong leader to come who will lead the world in winning world war III.

We are 31 years into this countdown,and you have to ask yourself...What happens to the USA in 2046? Nostradamus says what happens if you know how to read him!

This is one where you can guess(maybe i'm wrong)  10-72(Hidden date) gives the day of an attack,and the person born September 1999...Lets say it's 2046,from my reading the USA gets hit months earlier and the world will watch us burn,so 10-72 has nothing to do with the USA as we are already removed from the chess board!
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Here's a quatrain that's not done yet.. 2 lines are done,and 2 lines are still in limbo

Century 5-1   Jul 01, 1961

Before the coming of the ruin of the Celts
Two shall discourse in the church
Dagger in the heart of one,on horseback and spurring,
Without noise they shall bury the great one

This is a female born on the 1st of the month who died 23 years ago (Line 4) The husband is fated to die of a heart attack while riding a horse (Line 3) That hasn't happened yet!,and we also probably have not seen (Line 1) happen yet either!

All you need to know at  18.00:  in the link below
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How many of you people have figured it out? know? the MONTHS?

The book starts March 1,1555

Century 1 is MARCH,Century 2 is APRIL,and so on.....Century 11-12 Jan-Feb are missing

I also know a few other things!....Go back and check every date in this thread if you don't believe me!..How do you think I knew?

Do not use the newer translations where people have guessed what the quatrain is,and writing the translation to their fantasy....I use an older translation,and even this one is not perfect...I've seen newer translations that could be used in MAD Magazine!
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I have to warn everybody...Nostradamus has two other ways he does the DAY or YEAR...The MONTH is always right!

Vice Presidents who become president and one term Presidents tend to be "reverse day" or "reverse year" I'm not sure yet if that's random or on purpose....all the other reverse day/year for other event /people seem to be random

The last two Presidents that were reversed were H BUSH and TRUMP....Trump is not 4-14,he is 4-64 it is just as bad or worse than 4-14! Andrew Johnson,Andrew Jackson are also reversed.

Most of the President are open dates..Grant,Eisenhower.Truman,Kennedy,Obama,Jefferson, have to know your history!

There is another method  for day or year..I'm not saying now

Everybody of note that was a leader,king or military hero or nut is in the quatrains.

One of my favorite quatrains is April 6,1917 the day the Americans entered WWI  2-6,because the date tells you more than the quatrain....have fun!

Don't forget the translations can trip you up also!
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Century 4-12    Jun 18, 1812 -  Feb 17, 1815

The Greatest camp being in disorder shall be routed
And shall be pursued not much after
The Army shall encamp again,and the troops set in order
Then after,they shall be wholly driven out of "Gaule"

This one threw me for at least two years,because i thought it was D-day,and I kept trying to make the date fit...The word Gaule mostly means France,but in this case it only means French city that is a long way from France..

Clues?..12 is a year,and this may be a double quatrain with 4-13,and normally that would mean he gives us a day,but in this case i think he gives us another year 12-13 for 15....because  i know what 4-12 is,and how long the war lasted so 12-15 three years.

This is also a #1 song from the year 1959 if you just wanna make it easy for yourself....

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There are lots of birth quatrain,but some have death Quatrains as with JFK and RFK

Century 9-36  JFK (He simply reversed the year) Nov 22,1963

A great king taken in the hands of a young one   (Lone gunman "Oswald")
Not far from the passing way,confusion,of a knife  (He's describing the Zapruder film here) pasques does mean Passover,but in old Latin it's "passing way" (Stemmons freeway underpass)
Shall commit,pitiful time,the fire at the top of the mast
Three brothers then shall wound one another,and murder done  (Ted Kennedy was wounded in a plane crash 1964)

Century 4-6 RFK  June 6,1968

After the new clothes shall be found out
There shall be malice,plotting,and machination
He shall die the first,that shall make a trial of it
Under cover of Venice,shall be a conspiracy

As you can see JFK was killed by Oswald,no conspiracy mentioned,but RFK was killed by dark forces that have never been brought to justice! I suspect the translation of RFK is a little off..

The death of FDR is  Century 2-12
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Century 1-7 Reinhard Heydrich    Mar 7,1904
One arriving too late,the execution will take place
The wind being contrary,and letters intercepted on the way
The Conspirators fourteen of a separate body
By th Red One,the enterprise shall be undertaken

Century 2-20 Aldof Hitler  Apr 20, 1889
Brothers and sisters shall be slaves in various places
And shall pass before the Monarch
Who shall look upon them with attentive eyes
They shall go in heaviness,witness their chin,forehead and nose

Century 8-79 (Reverse year) Joseph Goebbels  Oct 29, 1897
He who by iron shall destroy his father,born in Nonnaire (anagram for Neronian.. debauchery and barbarous cruelty)
Shall in the end carry the blood of the gorgon( Greek myths, blood taken from the right side of a Gorgon could bring the dead back to life, yet blood taken from the left side was an instantly fatal poison)
Shall in a strange country make all so silent
That he shall burn him self,and his double talk

Century 8-100 Heinrich Himmler  Oct 07, 1900
Through the abundance of the army scattered
High will be low,low will be high
Too great a faith,a life lost in jesting
To die by thirst,through abundance of want

The task now is to find the crazies for WWIII,and they 100% are in the book!

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Here's one where Nostradamus tells of something way after the death..

Century 10-87 (Reverse Year) Joseph Stalin  Dec 18, 1878

The great king shall land near Nice
The great empire of death shall interpose with it
In the ANTIPODES,he shall put his HORSE (See Below)
By sea all the pillage shall vanish

This is a pretty easy one,not only is it dated to him,but the second line pretty much SAYS IT!

This is what i found on the third line..

(the Antipodes)
Australia and New Zealand (used by inhabitants of the northern hemisphere).
"there were plants from the Antipodes, including eucalyptuses and acacias"

A Russian sculptor put Stalin's horse in the Antipodes about 15 years ago...

Anybody can find  "Benito Mussolini" too...His is an open date! "Napoleon" is listed as a year,but his death is listed using the hidden dating method.
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April 19,1775  The Battles of Lexington and Concord were the first military engagements of the American Revolutionary War

Century 2-19
Newcomers shall build a place without a fence
And shall occupy a place that was not then habitable
They shall at their pleasure take fields,houses and towns,
There shall be famine,plague,war,and a long arable field

Read the last line carefully,we can deal with plague and war in the USA (as long as we win) but we really haven't seen wide spread famine,and that's not something i'm looking forward to!
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 May 1, 2011 Looks like today is the anniversary!

Century 3-11
Armies shall fight in the air a great while (If you start at 2001? it took them 10 years to get him)
The BIRD shall fall in the middle of a city (Not a Bird)
Vermin,scabs,sword,firebrand in the face
When the Monarch of d'Adrie shall die  (d'Adrie is an anagram for Riyadh)

Why he calls Bin Laden a Monarch is a mystery,but make no mistake about it..He was a Saudi!..Everything happened just the way he wrote it,and they said he was shot in the face!
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Century 3-84   Harry Truman May 8,1884

The Great city shall be made very desolate
Not one of the inhabitants shall be left in it
Wall,sex,church and virgin ravished
By sword,fire,plague,cannon people shall die

All you have to know is Harry Truman"s Motto "The Man Who Dropped The Bomb"
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Century 6-69  Napoleon Bonaparte  August 15, 1769

What a great pity will it be before long,
Those that did give,shall be constrained to receive,
Naked,famished with cold,to mutiny
To go over mountains making great disorders

I posted Hitler,and now Napoleon...The best i can tell is the Third Antichrist was born "September 1999" Century 10-72, He is 20 years old..The MABUS Century 2-62 guy could be a good guy,or a bad guy..Nostradamus only says his death will piss people off...If MABUS is in our timeline? possible he was born 1962 (58 years old),or will be born in 2026(or born April 26th like i was),but he dates events to a comet.....Keep and eye out for rogue visible to the naked eye comets!

Like this one..
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Century 9-47 (Reverse year) Winston Churchill  Nov 30, 1874

The undersigned to worthless deliverance
Shall have from the multitude of contrary advice
Changing their Monarch and put him in peril
They shall see themselves shut up in a cage

Kinda easy here,the first line is making fun of the way he speaks,and the last line is the IRON CAGE where they tortured NAZI's
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Century 4-21 (Reverse day) George H. Bush   Jun 12, 1924

The Change shall be very hard,
The city and country shall gain by the change,
A high prudent heart shall be put in,the unworthy expelled
Sea, land,people,it's state shall change

I contend the BUSH family knows the quatrains are dated,and you can tell by the shit they say..Nostradamus saw this guy better than anybody ever saw him.

I can go on and on....I'm 4+ years deep into this shit!
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Century 6-19  Bill Clinton Aug 19, 1946

The true flame shall SWALLOW up the lady
That went about to burn the guiltless,
Before the assault the army shall be encouraged,
When in Seville,a monster like an ox shall be seen

I'm just re-typing from a book i bought 30+ years ago..I am not making any of this stuff up...That last line is a description of a person,They both ran in the same circles,but i never found a link between them... Line 3 is Bosnia...There's probably a video of him doing it!

I use Henry C Roberts translations first published in 1947
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Let's not forget the last quatrain to hit....this quatrain list TWO events years apart,but both are dated

Century 2-51  (Reverse day) Apr 15, 2019

The blood of the just shall be dry in London
Burnt by the fire of three times twenty and six
The Ancient DAME shall fall from her high place
Of the same sect many shall be killed (It was pointed out to me the Sri Lanka massacre of Catholics happened days after the fire)

Top two lines are the Great Fire of London  Sep 6,1666,and the bottom two lines are the Notre Dame dated by the index....I'm not an astrologer,but it damn sure looks like both fires are not only dated?,but in the same quatrain...Whoever came up with the stuff in the link below has nothing to do with me!

Here's why...
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Century 9-24    Nov 24,1963

Upon the palace at the rock of the windows,
Shall be carried the two little royal ones,
To pass Aurele,Lutece,Denis cloisters,
Nonnain,Mollods to swallow green kernels of fruit

November 24,1963 was also the day Oswald was shot,but even though he throws AURELE at us? the bottom two lines make no sense on my end,but the first two lines really happened with John and Caroline Kennedy,and the Rock of the windows is the United States Capitol rotunda.

Here's the kicker with this one that i only considered after Biden seemingly sealed the nomination..his birthday is Nov 20,1942,and I would look for him on a reverse date first because he was vice President....In fact I thought it was him while he was still Vice President(Obama has two kids)....Nostradamus only list Presidents,and I believe the Democrats will win in 2020,but I don't believe Biden will win unless he truly is part of this quatrain (Like the mixed fires above) and that the event that happened November 24,1963 will be the same type event....I really have no idea,except it's something to think about.

If you don't know? I have Warren or Harris becoming President this election cycle,and then being re-elected in 2024....It's just all about how that will happen!,and no! i do not support either chick!
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Century 1-51 (Reverse day)  March 15,1939

Head's of Aries,Jupiter and Saturn  (It really should read... Head's of WAR,Jupiter and Saturn)
O' Eternal God,What changes there shall be!
After an era HIS evil time returns
France and Italy,What commotion

This was posted before,but it was a different translation of the book I have,so now you get to see the Quatrain the way I read it.
German troops enter Prague and complete the invasion of Czechoslovakia, ignoring the Munich Pact ....all hell broke loose after this day!

Most of the Nazi stuff is dated to the year, 3-35 and some were reverse dates 2-24,3-54,but the Olympics in 1936 and the invasion of France use the hidden dating method, it's always going to be in the proper month..The NAZI's were getting close to figuring out the dating method,so he had to hide some.

What you don't see on the NAZI timeline is when The first death camps were opened by that psycho Reinhard Heydrich,and that was April 1942 (2-24)

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Century 10-80  George C. Marshall  Dec 31, 1880

In the great reign,of the great reign reigning
By force of arms the great brass gates
He shall cause to be open,the King being joined with the Duke
Port demolished,ships sank on a fair day

911 was only mentioned with GW Bush,so i realized that Pearl Harbor would be probably be mentioned with FDR,but FDR was born outside the book..he does have death quatrain 2-12.
But what I learned is Marshall should have got all the blame for Pearl Harbor,so that's why Nostradamus throws it in Marshall's quatrain...Line 3 is easy,Marshall set up the meeting between FDR and Churchill....There is a another mention of Pearl Harbor in Isoroku Yamamoto's Quatrain.

Sorry..GW Bush and Yamamoto use the hidden dating method,so don't blow a brain cell looking for them...either you'll figure it out,or I'll tell you someday.
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Century 10-92 (Reverse day) Andrew Johnson  Dec 29, 1808

The Child shall be killed before the fathers eyes  (All three of his sons died tragic deaths)
The father shall enter into ropes and rushes
The People of Geneva shall notably stir themselves
The chief lying in the middle like a LOG (Both Lincoln and Johnson were born in Log Cabins)

What's great about this quatrain is the anagram for Washington DC, GENEVA=VIRGINIA,he would never mention a city that did not exist,who's knows? maybe that would freak people out!
Well I'm here to freak you out!  Century 9-44 and Century 2-64  If it possible to change the future?...We need to start ASAP!

I don't want to give people history lessons here,but part of Virginia became Washington DC,and Mount Vernon home of George Washington is in Virginia.
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Century 9-92 (Reverse day) Maybe a future President..I wont say who!

The King shall desire to enter into the New City
With foes they shall come to overcome it,
The Prisoner being freed,shall speak and act falsely
The King being gotten out,shall keep far from enemies

Because this may be a reverse date? this person probably becomes President through the VP slot...I have this happening within 10 years,he will probably be the VP of Kamala Harris before he becomes President......Clearly this is future civil unrest,but never let a crises go to waste right?

I could be wrong,but you can spot the future Presidents probably for the next three elections (You just cannot be sure until they hit),but i feel this guy won't be elected President!
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Century 10-30  Hideki Tojo   Dec 30, 1884

Nephew and blood of the saint newly come,
By the surname,upholds arches and covers,
They shall be driven,put to death,and chased out nude,
They shall change their red and black to green

Here we see in (line 3) this nut linked to the "Bataan Death March" where as modern day historians are trying to give him cover,but there's a reason we saved this guy from committing suicide,and then we hung him...That is what happens when war's end...Payback!

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Century 4-64 (Reverse Year) Donald Trump  Jun 14, 1946

The failure,in a Bourgeois habit
They shall come to try the KING concerning his offense
Fifteen soldiers the most part ostagois (warlike/terrorist) or (Hostages)
Last shall be his life and the best part of his estate (His political class?)

Definition of bourgeois
1a: a middle-class person
2: a person with social behavior and political views held to be influenced by private-property interest : CAPITALIST

Estate :
The first estate is the CLERGY,
The second estate is the POLITICAL CLASS
The third estate is the PEOPLE

I don't write them...I just post them!

I first thought he may be 4-14 up until impeachment...Only then was i sure,so it is hard to tell,but he was the only possible President in 2016...I knew he would win during the first debate!
The problem Trump has in 2020(besides what the quatrain says) is the Democrats ran 2-3 maybe future Presidents in the primaries....Logically if they are going to be a future President? they are not going to lose...
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Century 2-27  Ulysses S. Grant  Apr 27, 1822

The divine voice shall be struck by heaven,
So that he cannot proceed any further,
The secret of the closed-mouthed one shall be closed,
That people shall tread upon and before it,

What's the answer to that trivia question?..Who's buried in Grants tomb?

He died of throat cancer just like the first two lines say!
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Century 5-29  Benito Mussolini  Jul 29, 1883

Liberty shall not be recovered
It shall be occupied by a black fierce and wicked villain
When the work of the Danube bridge shall be ended,
The Italian commonwealth shall be angry

He didn't need to date this one,you know who he's talking about!
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Century 8-14  Dwight D. Eisenhower  Oct 14, 1890

The great credit,of gold,of silver,great abundance
Shall blind honor by lust
The Offense of the adulterer shall be known
Which shall come to his great dishonor

Unlike Clinton's quatrain that sounded like an SNL sketch...This one is really personal,and it's 100% true, her name was Kay Summersby Morgan,and she wrote a book..

Yeah,i know...Like this is the most interesting thing about this guy?
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Century 2-91/92 (Reverse day)   April 19,1993/94

Century 2-91
At the rising of the sun a great fire shall be seen
Noise and light tending to the north
Within the round,death and cries shall be heard
Death by sword,fire,hunger watching for them

Century 2-92
Fire the color of gold from heaven to earth shall be seen
Stricken of the high born,a marvelous event
Great murder of mankind,great loss of infants
Some dead looking,the proud one shall escape

Double Quatrains are rare,because you need the numbers to line up,but they are also fully dated...With Patton? the day was at the bottom..this one gives the year at the bottom..This is Waco April 19, (1993) and Oklahoma City April 19, (1994)..the first event caused the second event,so I guess that's why he list them together..Both are dated by the day,but the first is one fully just add the last numbers 91-92 and carry the 9=93...With Patton it was different 85-86=11 for the day,because the year was on top...

There is a living leader of a European  country with a double fully dated quatrain,but his top date uses the hidden method i have not shared (it's really simple) those quatrains tell of the next world wide 911 event...I have posted it here,and then deleted it...I don't think i should be posting shit like that,and I think the Trump Quatrain may have went too far...If I can figure it out? anybody can figure it out!

I was onto the dating system right after Oklahoma city,but I really couldn't do anything back then until i got online,and things like Wikipedia and other stuff became available...Now is the time to do it!

I suspect 4-12/13 is a double,but those give a year at the top,and the bottom for duration of the war...Maybe somebody that knows how the War of 1812 ended can say one way or another..
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Century 9-20   Armoire de fer  November 20,1792

By night shall come through the forest of Reines
Two part Voltorte Herne,the white stone
The black monk in gray within Varennes
Elected captain,causeth tempest,fire,blood running

If you have seen Orson Wells "The Man Who Saw Tomorrow" you'll remember this part,the date however tells the whole story,the last line probably refers to Jean-Marie Roland,because the Armoire de fer was the #1 reason they lost their heads..,_vicomte_de_la_Plati%C3%A8re
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Century 2-15   Death of Lincoln April 15,1865

A Little before the monarch is killed
Castor,Pollux,and a Comet in the sky appears
The public Brass,by land and sea shall be emptied
Pisa,Asti,Ferra,Turin shall be forbidden countries

The only way to be confident about this one is the Comet  "The Great Southern Comet of 1865"

An 1865 soldier's diary in Washington DC showed, March 5 "I saw a star at tenn or eleven O clock in the fornoon", and March 6 "saw a star in the middle of the day"

The last line is a little bit too Italian for Abraham Lincoln,but you be the judge.
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Century 3-29 JFK  May 29, 1917

The two nouveau's brought up in diverse places:
Naval battle, land, fathers fallen:
They will come highly educated and expert in arms
To avenge the injury, their enemies shall fall down under them

Line one translation is messy,but the rest is clear..This is both JFK and RFK,and one has to wonder if RFK had an alternate future if he lived,and line 4 is not really true..Pretty much their enemy's all got old and died..does that count?...line 3 is good JFK Navy and RFK Navy reserve..I believe this is JFK,but the translation is all over the place.

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Century 1-76 (Reverse year) Andrew Jackson  Mar 15, 1767

By wild name one shall be called (Old Hickory)
So that three sister shall the have the name fate,
Afterward a great people by tongue and deeds shall say,
He shall have fame and renown more than any other

Big as life on the 20 dollar bill!

His determination, combined with his willingness to suffer alongside his men, caused his men to come up with the nickname "Old Hickory."
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Century 2-6 America enters WWI  April 6,1917

Near the gates and within two cities
Shall be TWO scourges,I never saw the like
Famine,within plague,people thrust out by the sword
Shall cry for help to the great God immortal

The dates mean everything,this is not two bombs...It's two wars with Germany!,but the good news here is? WWIII will not be against Germany,they will be on our side!

Pay Attention..America is a big portion of the Quatrains!
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Century 3-54 (Reverse year) Germany Surrenders May 7,1945

One of the Greatest shall run away into Spain,
That shall cause a wound to bleed long,
Leading armies over high mountains,
Destroying all,and afterwards shall reign

I wonder who ran away into Spain?..hmmm? Somebody call Hunting Hitler!
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Century 1-26 Unknown

The great man falleth by lighting in the day
An evil foretold by the postulant one
According to the forecast another falls in the hours of the night
A conflict at Rheims and London,and a plague in Tuscany

This one concerned me in March because of the last line..(This is not JFK,i posted the dated JFK assassination),but it's still scary,because it doesn't have to be an event in March...It could be dated to a person, there are TWO MAJOR world figures living this one can land on,but this could have already happened too....The dates to look for are March 62, March 26 (year or day),and the person may not even be in the quatrain,they may just benefit from such an event...No offense to Jean Dixon,it's not about her,but somebody is going to predict it!

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Century 10-72 Unknown

In the year 1999 and seven months  (September is the original 7th month,and is how Nostradamus dates the months Mar-Dec)
From the skies shall come an alarmingly powerful king
To raise again the great king of the d'angolmois
Before and after,War shall reign at will

 d'angolmois could be an anagram for a person or place,but this could also be the king he's relating to
It's clear to me somebody was born in September 1999,as nothing happened in 1999....This person is 20 years old now,but this helps us date the quatrain
The month is December and it can be 72,27 year or day,but we know by 10-89 things are popping by 2046,so this is either year 27 (maybe too early) or December 27th my bet,for any year up to 2046.

My theory,and maybe somebody can come up with a better one,but this is just me...The USA gets hit first in the spring of 2046 2-62 (2-46 and 2-64),and I cannot imagine the USA down and out,but we will damn sure be down...If you just read the possible future quatrains? you get the feeling that the German resistance will be the why we win,but the war is going to be really long.

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Century 6-23  Louis XVI of France  Aug 23, 1754

Despite the King the COIN will be brought lower
The People shall rise against their King
Peace being made,holy laws  made worse
Paris was never in such a great disorder

First line has a double meaning Inflation and the Guillotine!
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Century 8-73  Louis Philippe I  Oct 06, 1773

A barbarous soldier shall strike the King
Unjustly,not far from death
The covetous mother shall be the cause of it
The conspirator and kingdom in great remorse

Although i'm not that interested?...I did a glace at the French Kings,and almost all of them are in the book as long as they were not born in Jan-Feb,but you got to know something about them.

Assassination attempt

Review of the National Guard, attack of Fieschi, 28 July 1835 by Eugène Lami
Louis Philippe survived seven assassination attempts.

On 28 July 1835, Louis Philippe survived an assassination attempt by Giuseppe Mario Fieschi and two other conspirators in Paris. During the king's annual review of the Paris National Guard commemorating the revolution, Louis Philippe was passing along the Boulevard du Temple, which connected Place de la République to the Bastille, accompanied by three of his sons, the Duke of Orleans, the Duke of Nemours, and the Prince de Joinville, and numerous staff.

Fieschi, a Corsican ex-soldier, attacked the procession with a weapon he built himself, a volley gun that later became known as the Machine infernale. This consisted of 25 gun barrels fastened to a wooden frame that could be fired simultaneously.[11] The device was fired from the third level of n° 50 Boulevard du Temple (a commemorative plaque has since been engraved there), which had been rented by Fieschi. A ball only grazed the King's forehead. Eighteen people were killed, including Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Rieussec [fr] of the 8th Legion together with eight other officers, Marshal Mortier, duc de Trévise, and Colonel Raffet, General Girard, Captain Villate, General La Chasse de Vérigny, a woman, a 14-year-old girl and two men. A further 22 people were injured.[12][13] The King and the princes escaped essentially unharmed. Horace Vernet, the King's painter, was ordered to make a drawing of the event.[14]

Several of the gun barrels of Fieschi's weapon burst when it was fired; he was badly injured and was quickly captured. He was executed by guillotine together with his two co-conspirators the following year.
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Century 8-76 Unknown

More Macelin than king of England
Born in obscure place,by force shall rule an empire
Of loose morals,without faith.without law.the ground shall bleed
His time is drawing so soon that i sigh

Century 8-77  Unknown

By Anti-Christ,three shall be brought to nothing 
His war shall last seven and twenty years (27 years) (Nostradamus is not adding the three WW,this really is how long WWIII will last)
The heretics dead,prisoners exiled,exiled,
Blood,human body,water made red,earth shrank

I suspect this is a double quatrain,and I also think this is the September 1999 guy from 10-72,but what these quatrains are about is the START of the 27 year war.
Of course he uses the hidden dating method for the top date,and he gives you the month,day and year.....I'll just tell you it is October 13th,and the year is a lot sooner than what you think 76 means! 

As 10-72 says? the war is on-going before this nut unloads the nukes and the chems!

I've kinda confirmed this by looking for the end of the war quatrain,and finding interesting stuff,so i really suspect i'm right!....I'm quit sure I won't live to see the end of this war!

I have to explain my logic,and there's no way i can be sure i'm right,but here goes....I got two hard dates going for me  Sep 1999 (10-72) birth, and 2046 (10-89) war, so I'm only guessing this guy is the same guy from 10-72 third Antichrist,and if so? this is an event,and he tells you how long the war last line two second quatrain,but not the start hmmmm?....the hidden date nails the date i would be looking for between 1999 and 2046....Hidden dated quatrain tend to be more informative like these two quatrains.

This happened on October 13...Just a coincidence I'm sure!

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Century 5-54 Unknown

From the Black Sea and great Tartaria
A King shall come see France
He shall go through Alanea and Armenia
He shall leave his bloody rod on Constantinople

I'm quite sure this is July 2045 event,and this King/leader is from Turkey....I just don't think if this s a birthday..this guy would be too old by 2046..
I just wonder how many middle east leaders we will have to deal with?

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Century 10-71 Unknown

The earth and air shall freeze with so much water
When they shall come to worship on Thursday
That which shall be,never was so fair
From the four parts,they will come to honor him

The clue here is this is December,so he is clearly talking about Hanukkah,and Probably somebody Jewish..The date is any Hanukkah day that landed on Thursday December 17th,so I give you 2020 ..
Hanukkah 2020,begins Thursday, December 10,at sunset,ends Friday, December 18....This also could have already happened,i have not checked the past,but 2020 is one of those years that nobody will forget!..I expect we will go out with a bang or two!

There are so many quatrains that will give you a little extra in the quatrain...This is an example!

I use Henry c Roberts translations first publish 1947,and if you're following along with translations found on the internet?'re probably lost,and think this is a hoax...I feel sorry for you...I'm not messing around! All the Quatrains are dated....I posted 40+ dated Quatrains...Don't take my word for it...IT'S A SEE FOR YOURSELF!

Oh yeah,by highlighting the Thursday,he is telling us the top date is a can only be a reverse 71,and it's the same when tells you the war last 27 kinda know the date at the top is a year for the start of the war...He's telling us how to solve his puzzles,and it's not that hard when you figure it out. One other example is 10-89...Countdown starts in 1989,He's not gonna give you a countdown,and not give you a starting point!

I have checked the Presidents,George Washington was closest to dying on this date,but it's not him...You have to figure out what the 4 parts are...I suspect the 4 parts of Israel..that fits!

If this is a person? forget everything i typed...i never even stopped to think this might be a birthday,and in that case, it can happen on any December Thursday during Hanukkah...My gut tells me it already happened!
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There's another hidden dating system for the top date...The month is always right...Find the living people(Presidents),and you'll get a glimpse of the future!

Great stuff when he used the hidden method
GW Bush
Teddy Roosevelt
Macron.............................BIG EVENT COMING WITH HIM!
Death of Napoleon
Nazi Olympics 1936
Assassination of Benigno Aquino Jr.
Invasion of France
Isoroku Yamamoto
Other stuff

There's also more stuff that is open dated from the past...Just don't use newer translations,because you'll get lost...proper translations are key!   I use Henry c roberts first published in 1947,because he doesn't change words like newer translators do,but even he is not perfect....A proper translation will be fluid and understandable.
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Century 9-44 Unknown

Leave,leave,go forth out of GENEVA,all  (Washington DC)
Saturn of gold,shall be changed into iron
The contrary of the positive ray shall EXTERMINATE ALL
Before it happens,the Heavens will show signs

You cannot project a date here because this could be a person..If it were an event? November 2044,but I suspect the hidden method here because of how extreme it is,and it would be a day in future November...If it's a person? It would be a US President,and clearly using hidden method for a day,because year 44 would be to old...I also have similar quatrains 2-46,2-64,2-62 but is it the same a event? only if this is a person,because I really feel the attack will come in the Spring....I cannot imagine 2 different attacks unless the first attack is chemical weapons,and the second attack is nukes.

The last line refers to what he wrote about in one of his letters  "The noise of the unwanted Bird",and we all know it,but never say it...unmanned DRONES are gonna be the death of us all!

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Century 4-59 Unknown

Two besieged being in burning heat
Shall die for thirst,want of two cup full
The fort fort being filed,an old doting man
Shall show the Geneva's the way to Nice  Monstrera trasse...Monster Track? Monster Path? Monster Segment? Monster Railway?

I've seen this one floating around the net by people claiming it is possible TRUMP,but the dating tells me it is a possible PENCE,and if it was't for the opening line? i would probably say no,because when you're dealing with a Vice President? it will be two people.....There's no way to know with this one,but i had to post it...
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Century 8-20  Maybe i know,maybe i don't

The false message,by fraudulent election
Shall be stopped from going about town
Voices shall be bought,and a chapel tinted with blood
By another,who contest the rule

First off? this is 100% a modern day quatrain,and it's not the 2000 election..This may be one of the chicks Biden may choose for VP,and she looks way better on the surface than WARREN to be a President,because I think she will choose the former Chicago mayor for her VP (I may have posted his in this thread)....I still think WARREN will be chosen as VP 2020,and then become President,and then choose her for VP....setting up 2024 as a contested election.

I can be wrong,and she could be Biden's VP, and the tell would be that he list her on the day of birth "20",Nostradamus is a numbers guy..he will use a number like this when it can be used for 2 events...a birth,and the 2020 election,and here i am still saying WARREN when this quatrain may be telling me everything i need to know.

Can you imagine a contested election in 2020 like Nostradamus is saying?....We may be talking civil war by Christmas!  Everybody is already having the worst year of their lives!

Just Remember,If this is her? she will be on the winning side,because Nostradamus only list World leaders,Religious people and Military leaders for births, he does not list VP's unless they move up into the Presidency,so don't get caught up in some recount!

Biden was born Nov 20, 1942,and he may very well be in the book on the hidden method because at least two of the quatrains he would be found on 9-20 and 9-24 (both posted in this thread) are other events,I keep thinking Nostradamus uses a pattern for Presidents,but this may tell me it's all random...I have one Quatrain i'm looking at for November using the hidden method,and it also deals with day of birth...20th..In his case you can't really tell ahead of time... That would be unreal that both could be born on the 20th for the 2020 election.....I still think it will be Warren,but this weird stuff is hard to overlook!
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Century 8-1   The Congress of Vienna  October 1,1814

Pau,nay,leon,more in fire than blood shall be
Seen to swim,great ones shall run to their surreys
The aggassas shall refuse the entry,  (Agga is : Good, Honorable, Kind)
Pampon,Durance shall keep them enclosed

As long as you have a clear enough translation? You should be able to date anything that already happened,and this one gives you hint right from the start!

The Congress of Vienna was opened on October 1, 1814, following the fall of Napoleon Bonaparte’s Grand Armeé and his abdication earlier in that year. All European states were summoned to the congress, which was meant to "bring back the old times" to Europe, the times previous to the French revolution of 1789 and the Napoleonic Wars that followed.

Now you know the rest of the story...

Here Nostradamus shows you a puzzle in the first line,and the last line is probably the same kinda puzzle Pampon,Durance....Just a guess?...the first word is probably MAP..
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The hidden dating method..pretty simple

I never looked for Presidents on the hidden method until i could not find T Roosevelt and GW Bush,and I believe Lyndon Johnson and Jimmy Carter are hidden dating method also,and based on the number for Biden? looks like he is hidden method,and will win the Presidency 2020,and I believe his fate is told in E Warren's quatrain or K Harris's quatrain..

That makes all the elected Presidents not born in Jan-Feb in my lifetime are in the book except i cannot find G Ford never elected for even VP

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Century 2-30

One that shall cause the infernal gods of d'Annibal   (d'Annibal is an anagram for Bin Laden)
To live again,the terror of mankind
There never was more horror,not to say ill days
Did happen,or shall to the Romans by Babel

Although he named Bin Laden? this is not Osama bin laden,this is somebody worse than Bin Laden,and I lean toward one of his sons.
I'm pretty sure this is April 30th,and is a birthday,but if he's not a Osama bin Laden child?...The media will call him the new Bin Laden.
Al-Qaeda will make a huge comeback,because he pretty much says that in Macron's Quatrain....This guy will top Bin Laden in death count.

Could very well be the 2024 event coming will be this guy,this is somebody that is most likely alive,and it wont be long before his name hits the media!

I have  Osama bin laden or Qassem Soleimani  at 1-57,and the death of Osama bin laden at 3-11

His reference to the Towers of Babel(Twin Towers) in the last line is scary,he seems to indicate that already happened...Also April 30th is really close to the day Bin Laden died May 1st..When  Al-Qaeda rears its ugly head again it's going to be really bad....I suspect chemical weapons used at an event in 2024 would stop the world in it's tracks!

It clearly states(as i read it) This person will cause Bin Laden to live again...Gives me chills!
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Are you guys getting it yet?

He'll use names of people and places that are close enough to what he's trying to tell you,but you will only know once you know the person or event.

3-11 d'Adrie = Riyadh
10-93 Genevous =Virginian's = Washington DC
2-30  d'Annibal  Bin Laden
10-72 d'effrayeur   yes,you get a twofer in the great 10-72 ones a name,ones a place (It's maybe not MABUS)
10-72 d'angolmois   ????????? Mongolians?? China?
?????  d'Arton  I know but i'm not saying (Not a person or place)
2-24  Ister   This river is pronounced Hister,he's not gonna say the guys name..The NAZI's were trying to solve the quatrains!  April 1942 the final solution,of course he means HITLER!
8-1  Pau,Nay,Loren,
2-62  Mabus

There's so many more that I have not cracked yet!

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Century 2-82 (Reverse day)  Saddam Hussein Apr 28, 1937

By hunger,the prey shall make the wolf prisoner
Assaulting him,then in great distress
The eldest having got before the last
The great one doth not escape in the middle of the crowd

Considered this for Mussolini's death,but line 3 makes it very clear  "Former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein’s sons, Qusay and Uday Hussein, are killed after a three-hour firefight with U.S. forces in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul"  Nostradamus says the oldest died first...good enough for me!
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Century 2-45 Death of Benito Mussolini  Apr 28, 1945

Heaven bemoaneth too much the L'Androgin born
Near heaven,human blood shall be spent
By death too late a great people shall be diverted
Late and soon cometh the help expected

I suspect the word "Heaven" is miss translated...a lot of the Quatrains are like that,but there's enough info in the body of the Quatrain to put us on the right track..

I suspected his death was in the Quatrains,only because of the way this guy was killed,and hung upside down.

The clue is L'Androgin born,and you cannot make this stuff up...His fathers name was Alessandro,and the only reason Hitlers death is not in the book is because we will never have a date,the only thing Nostradamus tells us about him is we will never know....he did not die in the bunker see Quatrain 3-54.

Our future was laid out in the Quatrains,Nostradamus is 100% real!

L'Androgin = Alessandro    It's a puzzle that you can only solve when you know what the event or person is,and you can only know that by the dating....Who on Earth could have guessed this?
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Century 2-70  Vladimir Lenin  Apr 22, 1870

The dart of heaven shall make his circuit
Some die speaking,a great execution
The stone in a tree,the fierce people humbled
Human noise,a monster purged by expiation

Some of the Romanov jewels are missing...could it be they were buried next to a tree?..Let the treasure hunt begin!