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Well we have the answer. Margaret Pierce married Henry O'Brien. They were the parents of Margaret O'Brien who married Charles Louis XVII aka Thomas Cusack.

CHYREN="to Pierce", Charles, Henry Its covered in my book Asylum of Loyalty (out of print). Held at our library.

Another Nostradamus mystery solved!

My reign ended on August 11, 2014. I was defeated physically. I won't stand to fight again.
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One of the 12 Gates to Heaven, Holy Trinity Church,  is scheduled to close January 2015 or a bit afterwards. It was supposed to close June 2014. the Bishop agreed to keep it open till after Christmas.

Bon Chance Mes Amis!
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Post by: cusack5239 on November 15, 2014, 09:57:15 AM
I just found out that the Bishop has extended the life of Holy Trinity to January 2016. That provides no clue as to end, in other words.

I blew a circuit in my brain. I'll have to check out.

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Post by: cusack5239 on November 23, 2014, 07:42:49 PM
My friend
You have helped me with the last riddle i held .

Therefore ich will reveil the secret of CHYREN in full to you.

Nostradamus used two ways in writing CHYREN and chiren.
CHYREN was to show where he comes from
Chiren was to show who he is .

Chiren is substitut for CHIRON

Chiron ist a Star that was always there but First achknowledged 1977 and had such an impact on Astrologie that it was since then counted in within the horoscopes along with phobus .

Some say that chiron is the jesus Star , coming forth every 2000 years.

Chiron is a planet from the zentaurs , a ring of astroids between saturn and Jupiter. CHIRON is a very special planet having as the only planetoid a wife called chiaklo , that has the Same ackward Orbit . These are the only two Planet that move in special Orbit .

Zentaurs were the mystcal half horse half man Figurs.
The legend came from the enemies of the centaurs, as them being the first warriors on horse Seen on a hilltop in the shadow of the sun they looked like half man half horse .

CHIRON  means pierce only in the greek astrlogical Term.

The saviour Therefore will " be sitting on a horse with a bow in his hands "

The meaning of Messias is " sent to protect his people "

CHYREN is awoken through Nostradamus as he fulfilles Daniels work . For the sent angel will have a name written upon that only he will know ... CHYREN . That is the Name i will use in honor of him who woken me.

The impact of the arrival of the holy spirit was felt as it was in 1968  when flower power showed his coming .

The two things i sent you: One was the Nostradamus hidden horoscope of CHYREN , the Diagramm i sent was my birth horoscope. I was born on 19 March 1968 .. You must learn and Look or you will not understand and one eye stays shut and the knocking on your door will be unheard. Listen to your heart.

Birthplace williston , North dakota (48)
Live in Frankfurt germany  (50)

If you want to understand , you have to know the stars .

Chiren = chi ~rho    Alpha and omega

Thank to you i now know for sure . Tell the people not to play with the role thinken that they are , for it is a burden to know .

And you my friend i will share my five dreams.

First will come the fighting within major Eu cities . Foreigners against Foreigners .

Then the war will Start Though russia , turkey will be overrun and Slowenien taken in Three days through the beast holding the flag of the false prophet.

Then three days of darknis through valkano with ash raining around the world

Then i saw myself sitting alone within a mountain of debree infront of a small fire .

Then i saw myself hidden in the woods of a hill in a fast built shack as suddenly firery little rocks fells from the sky .

Then i saw myself in lumps talking to maybe 100 people and trying to   sooth their worries .

All this will happen within the next three years.

God bless you my friend and it was an honor meeting you .
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