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: cusack5239 September 17, 2014, 11:49:45 PM
After 47 years of experience, I realized that the four kindest men I knew said they had no religion. Most of the people I've known were Christians including heavily Catholic and Protestant. I've know a Buddhist, Confusion, Hindu, and a couple of Muslims. The Muslims were the worst by far, followed by the Christians. Is there any point carrying on with the shurerade?

In my scholarship, I've uncovered the deep philosophy of Jesus. Indeed it is profound. But how many Christians actually follow his teachings or even bother to read it?  It seems to me the more Catholic someone is, the less they follow the teachings of Christ. I noticed there is a connection between intelligence and goodness. Even Jesus said, "It is kindness I want, not animal sacrifice (religion).

I've taken to start a new branch of Physics I called "Astrotheology: The Missing Link." There is a blog under that name free online. Its bases is Truth and its laws are logic. Its not for everyone yet until the education system changes to meet it. You need to understand and study Mathematical Physics, although at the simplest level, grade 9 students could understand it. Christianity and Judaism were not understood at their beginnings either.

AstroTheology  embodies truth of the universal language of mathematics. Its test is as rigorous as physics. There is no istitution to be corrupted by leadership. The moral law is that we humans are easily damaged, physically, psychologically, and spiritually.  If you are to study Truth, you need to respect the gentility of the human being. Abortion for example would be forbidden because it is destroying a human being - the highest creature in  the universe.  Respect for the Earth is paramount because it is necessary to support human life. The universe is held in awe because it holds the secrets of God's master plan written for us to understand. Sharing is essential because who need more money than the government : greed.

Christianity is dead and its about time. I don't think it changed anyone for the better. Its a left over from the Constantin's Roman Empire and the Middle Ages. Its outdated and doesn't address the questions of today's scientific mind viz Darwinism. A symptom is the fact that Christians are unwilling to pay for a new roof on the mother church - the Cathedral. The look for handouts. Is God on Welfare? When you have 1 in 50 priests a pedophile, something terrible is wrong. Is that our moral leadership?

So if you are looking for a new way to experience the universe as it really is, try AstroTheology,, my way. It may be your way too.

paul cusack