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Title: Does Nostradamus have a Signicicant historical impact? please help
Post by: irelandsgrl852 on February 09, 2008, 08:30:02 AM
     Hello, im writing a report on Nostradamus and have to assess the historical impact that Nostradamus had on history durring his lifetime and the impact he still has today. The problem I am having is that no one talks about his impact only his prophecies. Did he really leave behind a significant historical marker durring his life that it can be boldly asserted that yes he does, in fact,  have a noteworthy place in history and he is still important enough to impact us today? It doesnt matter whether this impact was a postivie or negative one only that there is one. Maybe the impact is so obvious that i am overlooking it but i really need help on this question so anyone who has a take on this please let me know.